New Patients


If you have recently been referred to a nephrologist, you may be feeling a sense of fear and anxiety. We completely understand that declining kidney health can be confusing or overwhelming. Colorado Kidney Care is kind and compassionate—here to guide you step-by-step with a caring hand and trusting approach.

If you choose Colorado Kidney Care as your nephrology provider, you can count on receiving leading edge treatment that is customized to you and your specific health needs. We go beyond kidney care, treating each patient with respect and as an individual.

Steps to becoming a Colorado Kidney Care patient:

We receive a referral from your physician via email, phone, fax, or mail.

In order to see you, we will need your complete medical records. If you do not have them, simply place a request with your PCP, the referring physician and other associated physicians.

Colorado Kidney Care will thoroughly review the referral information and your medical records to determine how urgently you need to be seen by a nephrologist.

Our staff will call you directly to schedule your initial appointment within the appropriate timeframe.

Once your appointment is scheduled we will send you a new patient packet and remind you of your appointment 48 hours prior.

What to expect for your first appointment at Colorado Kidney Care:

  • Your first visit to our office is a time for your Colorado Kidney Care provider to review all medical records we received from your referring physician, primary care doctor, and specialty providers. He or she will look specifically through your records for information that relates to your heart and kidneys—as well as any other pertinent health details.
  • Your provider will also talk with you about your current medications, allergies, kidney health history, past medical history, and any hospitalizations or surgeries. From there we will want to discuss any current symptoms that you may be experiencing that indicate kidney disease.
  • Once we get to know you, your medical history, and understand what makes you unique, we may perform a brief physical exam. No procedures, tests or blood draws will happen within our clinics during your first visit—this appointment is simply diagnostic and a chance to build your future care plan.
  • Your nephrologist will order any needed testing at this point to to help identify what may be causing the change in your kidney function. Tests may include blood work and diagnostic procedures (ultrasound, cat scan, MRI).
Your first visit is also a chance for you to meet our amazing and compassionate staff members—who are all proud to be a part of your healthcare team. We will work together to coordinate all future appointments, blood draws, imaging, any outside referrals, and Advanced Practitioner care to ensure appropriate coverage for your needs.

New Patient Forms

Save time by completing the New Patient Forms at home prior to your first appointment.

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Referral Resources

We encourage patients and caregivers to explore various resources to learn more about chronic kidney disease. Please consult your physician or healthcare provider if you have questions about any of the information provided.

Kidney Smart by Davita

Interactive educational sessions for managing kidney-related diet and health.

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National Kidney Foundation

Helpful kidney care education materials for patients and caregivers.

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American Association of Kidney Patients

Resources for chronic kidney disease patients and their caregivers.

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American Diabetes Association

Information on diabetes, diabetes research, and advocacy

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